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I though it was a loading time that was super big, but turns out, the game loads 2Go RAM and 100%CPU when changing the background image.

This is something alright. Waaaaat is hapenning behind the scene °o°

Hello, is this on every scene or is it possibly only at the border gate?

I have a theory that you may have given me insight how to improve performance, which is because of the Godrays in the scene.

Most of the background switching day can trigger 10-30sec of 100% cpu hogging whil I have a black screen, for me.

Some few times, some scenes load faster, no clue why.

Have you tried updating your drivers? This sounds like it could be WebGL issue.

OK, I tried playing it. I have a couple of bugs to report:

1. I can't figure out how to launch the Linux version. I see no executable or script file in the folder. Which file am I supposed to run?

2. The settings are not saved when you close and re-open the application (in the Windows stand-alone and Windows Steam versions alike).

3. The text speed option does not seem to do anything. "Instant" does not make the text appear instantly.

And one more bug: On my system, the Linux Steam version can't start. It tries to launch, then terminates/crashes with no error message.

This game looks cute. Now I've bought it. How long should I expect a playthrough to be? :)

5/5 Stars! Interesting premise, excellent voice acting, lovely art. I loved every minute of it, and replaying it to get different endings. So far I've seen endings for Wren, Helewisa, Yggrainne, and Thiphania, and I'm replaying to see if there's endings for Angmar, Reimund, Rolfe, and Tillie.

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Hello, I made an update. Does this fix the crash issue?

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Thanks, nice video!