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Hi! I just plaied the Traumatic Edition on Steam, gained the Happy End? and saw the Bad End on Youtube, but could you tell me how to get the True Ending?

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Read the paper on the table where you see the torture devices and boiler that you get from ghost house. Read all the manuscripts.

Then solve the riddle and read the journal. After the realization about Asuka's history, you'll enter a new level.

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I finally did it! Thank you so much for the reply, wonderful game (among my top 10 Steam ones, right now...)! 

Thank you so much! If you truly like it that much, can you please leave a review on Steam? The game really needs more of them.

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But it's in italian, my mother language...

I want to install this game via itchio client but it gives me an errer. Could you maybe make it possible? Thank you!

Hey, I've disabled the download until Traumatic Edition is released. More information here.


Ah sweet! Thank you for the heads up, then I'll wait on recording a Let's Play until the new version releases.

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Amazing game! Love the multiple endings. If I had to give the game some kind of supportive criticism it would be to give some kind of hint somewhere in the game about the riddle for the true ending. Had me stumped for a bit... lol

Thank you from the video! And yeah, but it's literally in the name of the game so I thought that it wouldn't be so hard, lol


While the game is nice, I got hard stopped when I got chased by the slime monster. For some reason, the monster kept breaking my hiding spot even when I hide without the monsters in the room. Another issue I found is the ghost monsters either being in an area when they are actually not there or just appearing in the background. I'd would take a look into that. I would suggest making a few more hiding spots.

Other then that, game's fairly solid.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

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Hello, there seemed to have been a bug that prevented you from using the 3rd hiding spot at 3rd floor when the blood monster chased you. I'm fixing it now and adding some other features.

EDIT: Update is live, which fixes this problem and adds lighting effects. Sorry about the inconvenience!


hey, very interesting game, a nice plot twist at the end and I think you should expand on it, like a flashback and we see what happens,otherwise I loved it!


Hello, I just uploaded version 2.0 which adds much more content!!


It's been a while since I've played an RPGMaker horror game, and Scarred Stars was a good re-introduction.


Thank you from the nice video!


The environment and set up is really good! I feel the game could use some more pictures to illustrate the story better. Especially with the events and endings. But man, you got me thinking that I was playing the witch house! 

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Thank you for the video! I'm actually working on a huge patch that'll add a lot more content to the park and some improvements to dialogues and such, including a new neat trauma image too!

OH! That is great news! That's what I felt in the game. A few more pictures and events and this is perfect! Looking forward to the update :)

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I updated it with the massive 2.0 update! There's tons of new content to see and much more lore and backstory, there's stuff for people who even beat the game to enjoy and some improved game mechanics!! I highly recommend if nothing else to check the new manuscript room and the new timeline added to the good ending as they tie things up much more.


Big fan of the game. You can tell a lot of work and love was put into it. The atmosphere and scary-ness were handled well and it has multiple endings to offer. I recommend to play it!