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Adventures of a Dragon tells a story about tolerance, acceptance, and personal growth. Fun and playful humor guides the player through an amazing tale, which brings the main character to make discoveries about their sexuality, personality, and the concept of redemption. They must make choices that impact the ending of the game, some of which lead to one ending, which allows the player to become immersed in the world of the game. The distinctive personality of the main character lets the player empathize with their struggles, both physical and emotional. This makes the game much more immersive, and helps the player to better understand their character.

T is a dragon, one who passionately hates humans. He wants nothing more than the destruction of every human, and with good reason. All of the other dragons are gone, dead at the hands of humankind. T is the last dragon, and his entire species will be extinct when he is gone. An angry, swearing alcoholic, he cares for no one but himself.

He accidentally gets involved in something much bigger than himself or his problems, something that could mean the destruction of the entire world. Suddenly, T is the only thing preventing the extinction of the human race. He is faced with a choice that should be easy, to avenge the murder of his race or to save humanity. The choice is not as easy as he thought it would be…

  • Over 10 playable characters, who you can freely change between during the combat
  • Crafting with numerous items to create weapons and armors
  • Multiple endings
  • Lengthy main storyline, with numerous side quests to try
  • Multiple romantic options for your character with their own storylines
  • Original characters with colorful personalities, each with a backstory of their own
  • Main character can speak and make decisions, they have their own personality and characterization.


We have released a digital artbook that contains illustrations from the game production and goes into the history and the creation process of the game.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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The game won't start, it is failing to load assets or something.

I get these two screens, one right after the other.

That's weird, I'll look into what's the issue. Have you tried updating the graphics card? The blendmodes issue sounds like it would be a graphical card issue.

Updated my drivers, nothing different. The weird thing is, after checking again, I only get that error message once. When I click "retry" after getting the loading error, it changes to this, and always shows this message after retrying multiple times.

Which version of the game are you trying to run, 32 bit or 64 bit? Are you running 32 or 64 bit Windows?

Are their nude/sex scenes in the game? 

The screen fades to black during the sex scenes, however you unlock lewd arts from the partners after that can be seen in "Lewd Journal" that you have. This was delibaretely done to make this game stream and video friendly, while allowing players who are into that content to see revealing pictures. It's mostly just softcore nudity though.

Hello, I'm getting this error when fighting the boss in this mine:

And another one during the battle with the battleship, right before the boss:

About first one, this seems to be a problem in Itch.Io version I've posted update that fixes it

Second one with the battleship, this has sometimes happened when too much stuff is going on; don't hold down shooting when you get to the boss phase before the boss spawns propper and you see them.

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Ok so female has a larger bulge then the male. Dont know if he has a tiny dick, or she has some huge lips. Why is the story on the page written as "he" if you can choose gender. Doesn't make sense. I suggest you add s/he every time he is said.

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T is the default name for the male,  while the female one's default is called Tanya and because I refer to the Dragon as T; I figured that it'd make sense to write in male pronouns.

Female is Trans Woman, because for story purposes the dragon made a woman pregnant in the past. You'll learn of this backstory fairly early, about 5-8 minutes into the game.

So the male just has a small dick then?

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Nah, they're the same size . It was artist who drew it like that, not me.

As you can see in this original concept they're both same.