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Made for Harold's Last Stand Game Jam.


Made within five days, this is a simple dungeon crawler with a single dungeon and a boss enemy to fight at the end. The game is challenging, especially the boss. You can beat this game in about 30 minutes, if you're an experienced  RPG fan. Due to the time restraints the game is very simple and doesn't have much dialogue, however each location has some dialogue banter when you arrive to them. None of the banter interrupt the gameplay. Every battle aside the boss battle are optional. But you probably shouldn't escape them all, even though escape success is 100% because then you'll have a hard time against the boss.


Group of adventuring friends come across a city where a woman is in a dire need of assistance, her son has fallen into the well full of monsters. It's your task to save the child and become a hero that you were destined to be.


  • Simple Dungeon Crawler
  • Crafting
  • Skill learning
  • Skill leveling



Director Tuomo Laine

Story by Tuomo Laine

Balance by Tuomo Laine

Quality Assurance by Tuomo Laine


RTP by Enterbrain

Emosets by Palxan and Verdibona

Darker Grass and flora tiles by Tuomo Laine

Windowskin by SkottyTV

Battler graphics by 沼から現れた

(URL: http://kb147.web.fc2.com/)

Loading Screen by VanillaBrocker

Game Over Screen by Ikari

Sprite Editing by Tuomo Laine


RTP by Enterbrain

Music by Youfulca

Sound FX by Youfulca

(URL: https://wingless-seraph.net/en/index.html)


Gamefont by Enterbrain

Lumos by Sarah McFalls

Plugins by





Fallen Angel Olivia



Atreyo Ray


Thank yous

Fantasyname Generators


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I downloaded this, and there is no game exe. You may want to check your folder. Just wanted to let you know.

Run NW.exe that's the game executable.

Oh thank you I didn't know.