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In the great north lies the city of Serina. It is beautiful city, with a dark secret. For years, two witches have terrorized the city and taken over the castle within, with their dark magics. All attempts to slay them has failed. Only a true hero can answer the call of the people and stop the witches, once and for all. Then one day, a traveler arrives at the inn. Could they succeed where others have failed?



Gracie is the mage. She's a good, kind girl who comes to help the people of Clearmill out of goodness of her heart. She's somewhat shy and innocent which is a total contrast to her friend follower, Edea.


Seraphine is a German warrior princess who's adventurer with her sidekick. She's somewhat serious but still a nice girl. She's the only character who can wear even the heaviest of armors.


Maiya is a cheeky rogue girl, out to get fame and money. Unlike the other two main characters where the follower provides humor for the serious characters, Maiya herself is the joking type while her friend is more serious. Maiya is the hardest character to play but very rewarding once she gets going.

Minor characters


Edea is an elf fighter, but everyone just calls her Beans because she likes beans.


Francine is an adept magician who helps Seraphine. She has a crush on the German girl and tries her best to learn German to make her happy but sometimes mixes up words.


Sophie is a serious fighter girl who's very protective of Maiya and loves her like little sister.


  • Select between three playable, unique chacters!
  • Adorable cast of fun characters!
  • Voice acting; girls moan and groan when they fight!
  • Oldschool turnbased combat with animated characters and enemies
  • Randomly generated loot, which differs based on the character you play; the magician will not receive an armor she's not able to use
  • Learn new magic spells and warrior skills to increase your fighting powers!
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, Casual, Cute, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Singleplayer, Yuri
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Design is good, story and caracrter depth non-existent (3 small dialog in the whole game). The balance wasn't good either (slow combat first or oneshot ones once you realize you can just spam the biggest spells).

1 enigma in the whole game, and it's a soustraction.

... Errrh. I was kinda looking forward to something more like  https://unity.itch.io/luxaren-allure - 20h gameplay with romance, twist and stuff).

But I feel bad being harsh, doing a good game is hard.

(3 edits)

Trancevania DLC's Vampire has the most indepth storyline. This was the first dungeon crawler that I've ever made. Yeah, it doesn't really have that much character depth but that's not really the point in dungeon crawlers. I think that I made a lot better in the sequel though, which is why it became a finalist in an international game making contest.

If you're looking for 20h gameplay with romance, twist and stuff instead of just a simple dungeon crawler, I have made Adventures of Dragon which is epic length RPG.